What this will look like.  It is always good to start with what you generally learned or fo

{Complete in the Required order of assignments = after Exam 5}
DB5 (Chapters 11-13)
Question: Briefly describe the following 3 types of sculpture (process and use of depth ofspace) in: low relief sculpting, high relief sculpting, and sculpture in the round.  List 2 specific artworks by Artwork Title, which examples at least 2 types of sculpture. Briefly describe how each of these 2 artworks used material(stone, concrete, etc) and the sculpting type to communicate a message/intent.
(2.5pts)Part 1: Answer this question with the following format (Do not include your opinion, instead use support from the textbook)

  • Thesis statement which includes question and how question will be answered in 1 sentence
  • Body- answer to question with at least 1 in text citation worth of support from the textbook in 3-6 sentences.  Include 2 Artwork Titles within discussion.
  • Conclusion- 1 sentence to summarize your answer
  • Works Cited – list textbook here

(.5 pts) Part 2:  Response and in-text citation support=.4, works cited=.1
What this will look like.  It is always good to start with what you generally learned or found helpful from the other person’s post.  Reply to another answer post with: A sentence with 1 point on how they answered the question well + A sentence with 1 piece of furthering information from the textbook in the form of at least 1 additional MLA in-text citation {do no repeat what they have already stated, nor what you already stated in your own post}
Example in-text citation:
“…..” (Sayre 52).
Example Works Cited:
Sayre, Henry. M. A World of Art. 8th ed. Pearson Education Inc.: Boston, 2016. Print.
[[Instructor feedback will be provided within the gradebook, review it there please.
For this week only, 1 revision will be allowed if completed before Test 7]]
**support= a supporting quote or piece of evidence on this topic.  not for a definition, nor for an artwork title


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