Question:  Describe the style of art evolution from the ear

{Complete in the Required order of assignments = after Exam 6}
DB6 (Chapters 17&18)
Question:  Describe the style of art evolution from the early Byzantine to Carolingian periods in regard to mosaics or illuminated manuscripts(not architectural components like arches, glass, columns, etc. in and of themselves) use of realistic representation.  List a specific artwork byTitle, which examples each, and briefly describe how each advances or changes from the previous styles.
(2.5pts)Part 1: Answer this question with the following format(Do not include your opinion, instead use support from the textbook)

  • Thesis statement which includes question and how it will be answered in 1 sentence
  • Body- answer to question with at least 1 in text citation worth of support from the textbook in 3-4 sentences. Include Artwork Titles within discussion.
  • Conclusion- 1 sentence to summarize your answer
  • Works Cited – list textbook here

Sayre, Henry. M. A World of Art. 8th ed. Pearson Education Inc.: Boston, 2016. Print.
(.5pts)Part 2: Reply to another answer post with: A sentence with 1 point on how they answered the question well + A sentence with 1 piece of furthering information from the textbook in the form of at least 1 additional MLA in-text citation worth of support
[[Instructor feedback will be provided within the gradebook, review it there please. No graded revision.


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