Now that you have established your area of focus for your action research propo

Evaluating Your Sources [WLO: 1, 2][CLO: 2, 3]
Now that you have established your area of focus for your action research proposal, as an action researcher you need to learn more about what other researchers with similar areas of focus have done to make a difference and the results they experienced. Understanding the interventions and innovations that others have implemented and researched should help guide your thinking and decisions in your own action research. Therefore, locating and evaluating scholarly, peer-reviewed research is a priority for action researchers like yourself in order to gain a deeper understanding about your area of focus from credible sources of information. To prepare for this discussion, please review the following resources:

For this discussion, you will locate one scholarly, peer-reviewed article related to your area of focus. You will then evaluate, review, and summarize this article to inform your own action research proposal. To locate scholarly articles, you may utilize the Ashford Library databases, or a digital tool such as Google Scholar, to locate sources relevant to your action research area of focus. Be sure that you choose an article that is relevant to your area of focus and your research purpose.
Using the template chart to organize your information, evaluate your one source using the CRAAP test and then provide an overview and summary of the article in each area listed in the chart. Remember to include the entire chart for one article in the discussion (either copy and paste in the discussion or attach a Word document). Be prepared to defend the credibility of your article in your discussion with classmates.


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