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You are employed as an assistant to the President at your company.  The President has heard about a company called Barry Wehmiller that has a unique way of dealing with personnel called Truly Human Leadership. The company said their success was earned by treating every “team member” as though they mattered.  He has learned that while still privately held they have grown from 400 employees and $18 million in sales to over 12,000 employees and $7 billion in sales.  Your boss has learned that Barry Wehmiller had grown through acquisition. Your company is financially stable and the President is thinking about going on an acquisition campaign himself.

Your company does about $25 million in sales and has 490 employees. The company makes electric pumps for a variety of industrial applications and case packers that take finished consumer products like light bulbs or packages of hand soaps  and automatically stuffs  them into a shipping box and then passes the finished package to a palletizing machine.

You are to explain to your boss what you see as characteristics Barry Wehmiller looked for in a good acquisition candidate. Be as detailed as the material in the case study will allow.

Once Barry Wehmiller acquires a new company, they must integrate the employees in the company being acquired into Barry Wehmiller’s way of doing business.  How has Barry Wehmiller been able to bring the new company’s employees into Barry Wehmiller’s “team member” approach? Use the material in the case and anything else you can think of that would make that transition successful.

You are to make a recommendation to the President whether your company should go on an acquisition campaign or not. Be decisive in your recommendation.  If you believe your company should go on an acquisition campaign what changes would you recommend the company make in its people handling methods prior to beginning that campaign.


Here are the rules

Put your name on the top of the paper

Use only the case study and any personal knowledge you have in writing your response.

In your paper present your recommendation to the President first.  Your president doesn’t like to read so get to the answers quickly

The President hates footnotes.  You normally will not have footnotes in a report to the President


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