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Signature Assignment #2: Personal Leadership Model (10%) Developing your personal leadership model provides an opportunity for you to reflect on the experiences that have informed and shaped your personal leadership model – based upon the experiences in their capstone project, experiences during the entire MSL program, and in the workplace and other settings. This model, as part of your Capstone course, considers your personal experiences and formal study of leadership. Individuals usually find they identify with and use a number of different formal models and personalize their model to fit their personal style.

 Assignment Structure: For Signature Assignment 2 you will write a 2-3-page double-spaced paper explaining the key elements of leadership that you believe are most important for your success. You have learned about different leadership models and approaches through your studies in the Leadership program. Through the integration of formal Page 9 learning and personal experience, please state how your personal model is similar to or different from others that you studied, and how you developed and adopted your current model. This paper will be supplemented with 1-page visual of your model. The process of creating a visual representation may help solidify your learning and enable fuller application of your model. Your paper should include the following:

  1. Your preferred definition of leadership and how you developed it.
  2. Key models (formal learning), concepts or tools from your capstone project or other experiences that inform your view of leadership and your leadership model. a. From experiences during your capstone project. b. From experiences during the MSL program. c. From experiences in the workplace or other settings.
  3. Description of your model and how components were used in your Capstone Project or in other initiatives. This should include direct references and annotation, when necessary.
  4. Visual (graphic) representation of your Leadership Model.
  5. Reflection: How is your personal model of leadership evolving? What actions do you plan to take to continue your own leadership development after the class is complete?

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