Help With Project The Project Entails Using Power Bi To Analyze And Report On Da

Help with Project

The project entails using Power BI to analyze and report on data from the open payments website: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Data file — classprojectdata.csv

The data provided to you is for research payments in 2017 — the columns in the original file are described in the data dictionary — OpenPaymentsDataDictionary.pdf – in Appendix D, but the file provided in this assignment has been modified to reduce the number of columns and make it easier to work with as a class project 

The task:

  1. Choose two of the following questions to explore:
  • Where are the research dollars flowing in healthcare? — Can you find common factors by analyzing the type of drug, device, company, hospital, or therapeutics?
  • Which diseases are being ignored?
  • Which physician specialties are the most and least popular in terms of investment and what implications does that have for the future?
  • Can you identify areas of concern or gaps in healthcare research spending?
  • Can you identify opportunities for investment and areas of over spending?
  1. Create appropriate reports to provide meaningful insights into your chosen questions


  1. Power BI workbook (.pbix) with the visualizations you created.
  2. A PowerPoint file that contains:
  3. Screen shots of each report/visualization
  4. Summary description of each report/visualization – describe the purpose of each report — which question is being explored — interesting features or insights
  5. Summary description of the dashboard – how a user should interact with it to explore the data
  6. Overall summary that lists each question you explored and the insights that you obtained from the analysis

Grading criteria:

  • Relevance (analysis relates to the problem statement)
  • Completeness (thoroughness of the analysis)
  • Depth (sophistication of the analysis)
  • Consistency (conclusions consistent with the analysis)
  • Interest (unique/unexpected approach or insights

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