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For the Final Project, you write a research paper on your assessment of the role of human services professionals within a particular area of practice (e.g., evidence-based practices, drug treatment practices, use of technologies, medical models). The practice you select should be related to your area of interest, relevant in today’s human services field, and focused toward a specific population.

To complete the project, address the following:

Identify a particular program or area of practice that you would like to explore such as one of the following: job training programs for those leaving incarceration, nutrition programs for pregnant teens.

Identify and analyze three articles from current literature that inform the program or practice area you selected through theory or issue-specific research.

Write a 8- to 10- page paper (including title and reference pages) that explains the history of the program or practice area you selected, its current status, and how it is evolving today within a region or country of your choice. Then, describe any policies that govern the program or practice you selected. Finally, explain how you would like the program or practice to move forward in order to positively change an individual, an organization, or a community.

Although the Final Project is not due until Day 7 of Week 10, you should become familiar with the project requirements and keep them in mind as you proceed through the course. It is recommended that you complete a portion of your project each week. For instance, this week, you should select an area of practice as your focus.


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