Hello There Can You Please Help Me To Write The Below Discussion Uberis Facing A

Hello There,

can you please help me to write the below discussion.

Uber is facing a large number of lawsuits, among them, a charge of technology theft by Google, installation of software that blanks out the availability of Uber rides near government buildings or when government-employed riders call, discrimination in the workplace, and more! Using an Internet search on this topic, design a quantitative research study to determine the effect on ridership regarding the charge you examined.

Provide this information in your discussion:

– Research Question(s)

– Hypotheses

– Independent Variable(s) and Dependent Variable(s)

– Instrument (i.e, survey/questionnaire) items (i.e., questions) Please note: Provide a minimum of 10 questions you would ask plus 5 demographic questions (i.e, gender, age, ethnicity)


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