Hello The Chief Technology Officer Cto At Abc Widgets Just Returned From A Techn


The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ABC Widgets just returned from a technology conference where he heard about computer clusters. All he knows is that they are the big thing for businesses and he wants to explore the technology. He has asked you to help.

Write a 5-page research essay explaining computer clustering, benefits, challenges, and potential applications. The essay should focus on one type of clustering application (file server, database, load balancing, Web hosting, or data processing) and detail the use, potential setup (high availability or load balancing), type (COTS versus blade clusters) and network connectivity. Be sure that your paper has an introduction and a conclusion.

2 ClusteringA computer “cluster” is a solitary sensible unit comprising of different PCs that are connectedby a LAN. The arranged PCs basically go about as a solitary, a great deal all the…


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