Hello Questions Due At 11 15pm Tonight Central Time The Probability That A Part

Hello, questions due at 11:15pm tonight central time

. The probability that a part produced by a certain factory’s assembly line will be defective is 0.015 Find the probabilities that in a run of 43 items, the following results are obtained.  (A) No defective items  (B) At least 1 defective item

2. A committee of 3 members is selected from a club made up of 19  junior members and 12 senior members.  Fill out the probability table below, where x represents the number of juniors in the committee, 0,12,3. (simplified fractions) The expected number of juniors in the committee is? 

3. One option in a roulette game is to bet $ 11 on red.  (There are 18 red compartments, 18 black compartments, and two compartments that are neither red nor black.) If the ball lands on red, you get to keep the $ 11 you paid to play the game and you are awarded $ 11. If the ball lands elsewhere, you are awarded nothing and the $11 that you bet is collected. Find the expected payback for this roulette game if you bet $ 11 on red.

4. The Triple L investment club is considering purchasing a certain stock. After considerable research the club members determine that there is a 40% chance of making $12,00 a 10%  chance of breaking even, and a 50% chance of losing $6,600. Find the expectation of this purchase.

5. Suppose you have 3 jars with the following contents. Jar 1 has 2 white balls and 1  black balls. Jar 2 has 3 white balls and 2 black balls. Jar 3 has 1 white ball and 4 black balls. One jar is to be selected, and then 1 ball is to be drawn from the selected jar. The probabilities of selecting the first, second, and third jars are 1/2, 1/3, and 1/6 respectively. Find the probability the ball was drawn from Jar 3, given that the ball is white.


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