Hello Political Science Question Instructions And Details Attached Must Be Origi


Political Science question.  Instructions and details attached.  Must be original work.


about a specificissue or policy that you are interested in and/or that has impacted you personally. Use the assigned resources that are provided for this journal to gather information about the goals and proposals, in that issue area, of three U.S. political parties – the Democratic and Republican parties and a third party. For the journal, write about the following two ideas: Where do the three political parties (Republican, Democrat, and your choice of a third party) currently stand on this issue? Do they have national support? Explain your rationale.

Thinking about your own Political Ideology that we discussed in the introduction discussion, which party’s stance on the issue you selected is closest to your own? Which is the furthest from your ideals? Why?

Your nameInstitutionCourse titleDate of submission Environmental issuesEvery citizen has its rights and freedoms that the government should protect and avoidoverstepping in their mandate. The…


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