Hello Please Help With This Question And Provide A Complete Solution 1 What Tran

Hello, Please help with this question and provide a complete solution

1. What transmission technique utilizes multi-path reflections to bounce signals around objects to an intended receiver? 2. Which technique is used to split data frames into pieces and transmit them using different antennas and radios? 3. Which modulation technique utilizes half-cycle positive and half cycle negative analog pulses to represent 1s and 0s respectively? 4. Which device combines the functions of a router, Ethernet switch, wireless access point, and a modem? 5. Which type of 802.11 mode involves the use of ad hoc communications? 6. What channel access method is used with IEEE 802.11 based networks? 7. When can client devices transmit data when an AP uses Point Coordination Function?

8. At which data rate are the PLCP frames preamble and header transmitted? 9. What type of frame is sent by a receiving device after it has confirmed all frames arrived intact? 10. How does an access point confirm a client’s request to associate? 11. What are the main differences between wired and wireless NICs? 12. What are the parts of a Physical Layer Convergence Procedure (PLCP) frame? 13. What type of frame contains a list of all network IDs of clients with buffered frames waiting on the AP? 14. Which time period is utilized to ensure all transmitted signals have arrived and have been decoded successfully before allowing other devices to transmit? 15. What information is in the BSSID field in a management frame? 16. How can client devices obtain the SSID from an AP? 17. A probe frame is what type of frame? 18. What are the function of an Access Point (AP) in a WLAN? 19. What is the highest data rate for 802.11 WLAN? 20. What modulation technique is used 802.11b? 21. In which network layers are the IEEE WLAN features defined? 22. What are the 802.11 MAC frame formats? 23. Describe power management features of 802.11.

24. Which technique is used in 802.11g APs to reduce the possibility of collisions when legacy 802.11b devices are within range?

25. Although IEEE 802.11ac uses the same transmission technology as IEEE 802.11n, it has an increased throughput. Why?


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