Hello If Someone Could Please Help Me Answer This With A Thorough Explanation I

Does Y mean theta? I am confused. Any help will be appreciated.

Hello . If someone could please help me answer this with a thorough explanation , I would greatly appreciate it . Thank you so much in advance !Three membrane receptor proteins bind tightly to a hormone . Based on the data in the table below , ( a )what is the *’d for hormone binding by protein 1 ? ( Include appropriate units . ! ( b ) Which of these proteinsbinds least tightly to this hormone and why ?!Hormoneconcentration MollyProtein 1Protein ?Protein ]D.C0. 17Q. 50 . 1 10. 50. 3.310 . 20. 540 . 5D. B10Q. TY0.950. 91200. 8 30. 970.950. 93BE’D


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