Hello I Need A Letter To Dean Of Undergraduate Program In The University Mr I Wa

Hello, I need a letter to dean of undergraduate program in the university mr… I want to explain my problems: i had GMAT exam but I could not pass it .while I had a exam I had panic attack it was the second time that I have gmat exam and I had panic exam in both exams I have epilepsy and I was thinking it is kind of seizure but when I went this time after the exam ( and explain all my problems while I was in exam like I could not see for few seconds and good again and throwing up two times during exam my neorologist said it is a panic attack not seizure and I have to visit family doctor) another problem is that I really need start MBA program because I am living in small town and in last 2 years that I got my bachelors that I got my bachelors in business administration I could not find proper job. Another problem is my autistic kid my only kid that I have to work for his  future and I hope with this MBA find a job to secure my son’s life


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