Hello I Have A Question On How To Input This Question Into The Calculator The Pr

Hello! I have a question on how to input this question into the calculator. I want a step-by-step response on how to actually put it into my calculator, please! 

The problem is: Suppose a simple random sample of size n=1000 is obtained from a population whose size is N=1,500,000 and whose population proportion with a specified characteristic is p=0.28. 

a) What is the probability of obtaining x=310 or more individuals with the characteristic?

b) What is the probability of obtaining x=260 or fewer individuals with the characteristic?

Thank you so much!

USING BINOMIALp(x>= 310) =p(x<=260) = 0.01962288790.0840711508 USING NORMAL APPROXIMATION TO THE BINOMIALP(X>=310) = P(Z>2.0775) = 0.018878 P(X<=260) = P(Z<-1.373) = 0.084876


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