Hello I Did An Experiment In Organic Chemistry Where I Had To Do An Extraction U

Hello,I did an experiment in organic chemistry where I had to do an extraction using water soluble dyes. I had to place 1 mL of ether, 1 mL of distilled water and 1 drop of a 0.006 M methylene blue solution in a test tube and mix the contents by shaking vigorously for 10 seconds. I allowed the layer to settle down and had to determine whether the dye is in the aqueous layer, organic or both layers. I had my bottom layer as the organic one. However, I don’t understand why the bottom layer is organic, could you please provide some explanation? Thank you.

Solution: Methylene BluePart A: 1.The dye (methylene blue) will be in the aqueous layer.Water is a polar protic solvent and ether is almost a non-polar solvent. They are immiscible.Due to small…


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