Hello I Am Trying To Get Answers For This Case Case Venture Capital Deal Sourcin


I am trying to get answers for this case

Case: Venture Capital Deal Sourcing and Screening (E-447)

  1. What are the main deal screening criteria that VCs use in initial project selection? How are these criteria different from the ones angel investors may use?
  2. How do VCs evaluate project opportunities? What questions do they seek to answer in deciding whether to explore the project in greater depth?
  3. How would you describe the Fastforward Ventures experience to date? Its current (as of 2012) condition? How would you classify Fastforward Ventures relative to the universe of VC funds?
  4. You are Andrea Morton, a newly minted associate at Fastforward Ventures. How would you accomplish the screening task? What companies to recommend to the partners? To which partner? Which companies to drop? How to present information to the partners?
  5. You are Ellen Chang and/or Daniel Stephenson, a partner at Fastforward Ventures. What qualities are important for you in an associate? How would you recommend screening incoming deals?

Most importantly Question 5 , first.

I have the case but i can’t seem to know how to attach it


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