Hello I Am Stuck Designing A Finite State Machine That Detects A Specific 8 Bit

Hello, I am stuck designing a finite state machine that detects a specific 8-bit sequence (10100001) and when this sequence is detected the output of the circuit is 1 otherwise it is 0. The circuit has 2 inputs a logic 0 and a logic 1 input that enters the corresponding digit into the circuit. The tricky part is that after 16 bits are entered that don’t match the needed sequence (10100001) the system shuts off until the reset button is pressed. I also can’t use registers.Here are some more guidelines:There is no actual clock- the release of the push button (the 1 and 0 button) produces the transition that is used to trigger the flip flops (much like a clock would).Hint: You might put the outputs of the two push buttons into asynchronous inputs of a flip flops. The output of this flip flop is then used as the actual “input” value.I have started working on this problem, but where i run into trouble is the reset section as well as the asynchronous clock function. I need the circuit for this problem so then I can see what I did wrong and learn from there. An answer with some explanation would be helpful! The Due Date is final, I need time to study for the final and I can’t stay up late waiting for explanation. The price however, is negotiable to fit within the deadline. If you need any other information please let me know, I will be working on this all day anyways so I will be available.


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