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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on What Effects Does Age Have On Graduation Rates From Online Based College. It needs to be at least 4000 words.

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Among these has been the introduction of online college programs that is meant to attract those students who would otherwise not have the time to attend classes on a regular basis. The education system of the United States has become so much eroded that it has now become necessary for students to go to college in order to attain the types of jobs that they would like. In earlier years, especially within the first half of the twentieth century, students who went through high school were equipped enough to attain jobs without having to go to college. However, the education standards came to be raised so much that it has now become necessary for students to spend more time in college in order to ensure that they achieve their academic goals. This has created a situation where individuals are barely able to cope with college education especially when it is considered that the students involved have more priorities other than their academics. It is a fact that many of the college students in the country also have to work in order to earn a living while others even have families and this only works towards increasing the pressure on them to be more productive. The latter situation makes it harder and harder for individual students to continue with their education and this has continued to be even worse as they grow older. This is because the older the students are, the more likely that they will develop other commitments in their lives and this may have an influence on the high dropout rates among them. This is perhaps the reason why the college education system needs to be reformed to such an extent that it stops being class based and instead be based on the internet since the latter is a much easier tool to access for many individuals. This will encourage…

A review has also been included in this research which supports the above observations. This study is is substantial to meet the requirements of adult students who are less confortable with traditional college based education. The American system of education is considered to be the provider of one of the best quality education when compared to other education systems in the world. However, despite this fact, most of those high school graduates who enter college for the purpose of acquiring higher education unfortunately do not make it to graduation and end up becoming college drop-outs. This happens because of the shifting attitudes of the students regarding the courses which are included in their curriculums and their failure to understand the course outline.Study suggests that only 33% of the freshmen who made their entrance in the University of Massachusetts, were able to complete their education within the period of 6 years. Moreover, less than 44% of students from University of Mexico and 41% graduate from the University of Montana made it to their graduation in the required timeframe .

One of the most influencial economists in the current era, Mark Schneider considers the high college dropout rate to be one of the reasons causing slow economic development in the country.


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