Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On W4 A566 Social Media Analyti

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on W4 A566 Social Media Analytics. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

This is because they would need to market their products to the users of these accounts. For example, social media companies such as Face Book has over 500, million users, and this makes it highly attractive to multinational companies, mainly because it gives them an access to these people.

Therefore it is easier to market their products to these users. Social media analytics can also be referred to as online listening or even social media listening. This is because it allows marketers to have the capability of identifying the trends, and needs of customers, for purposes of developing products that would satisfy and meet these needs (Turban, Delen and Sharda, 2013). There is significant evidence and examples whereby companies have used the tool of the social media analytics to market their products, and engage with their customers. Companies such as Royal Bank of Canada, Jet Blue, Whirlpool and Barclays Bank are known to be using the tools of the social media analytics for purposes of marketing, and promoting their brand image.

These companies have managed to improve their services, because of the feedback that they usually receive from their customers, through the social media. This is because the social media is an interactive tool of communication. Furthermore, scholars and academicians have tried to analyze and explain the seasonal emotional pattern that is always characterized by the use of the social media (Turban, Delen and Sharda, 2013). This is important because this type of research has enabled companies to know the reason why people use the social media, and the best marketing tools to use, for purposes of convincing them to use the products of the company. Through these studies, researchers have managed to come up with social media tools that can enable them study the emotions of customers, regarding a particular product


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