Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Violence And Censorship Film

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Violence and Censorship: Films and Television. It needs to be at least 3750 words.

There is general disagreement between researchers on whether violence is inherited or is it conditioned behavior. According to some, people especially children and teenagers tend to commit violence if they have had earlier exposure to violent behavior whether as a witness or as a victim. The three main theories outlining the causes of violent behavior are the Modeling Theory, Classical Conditioning Theory, and Operant Conditioning Theory.

The Social Learning Theory or the Modeling Theory generalizes that both conforming and deviant behavior can be produced from social circumstances. According to this theory, people tend to observe others’ behavior and learn from it or they imitate others as models. Imitating others can be as effective as directly learning from experience. It all begins in the family where if the child sees too much of violence amongst parents or relations or falls victim to child abuse, then the tendency to display aggressive behavior in them is intensified. It becomes more active in certain conditions with media influence as violence is shown on television can have a powerful impact on impressionable minds. But, if the motivation is weak, media does not have too great an impact. (Bandura, 1977)

Attention, retention, and motivation are the three main factors connecting media violence to real life occurrences of violence. Violence presented in the media tends to influence the minds of viewers and these images are stored or retained in memory for future use. But, motivation is the strongest factor linking media violence and real-life occurrences of violence. Human beings do not randomly ape things unless they interpret the consequences in the shape of rewards or punishments. The reaction of parents to violence as they remember from childhood plays an important role when they are anticipating the consequences. Clear disapproval of parents in regards to violence or aggression in childhood will reduce the person’s chances of violent behavior in the future. Studies have shown that when one group had been rewarded for aggressive behavior and the other group was reprimanded for the same behavior the former group tended to exhibit more aggression than the latter group.


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