Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Using Quality Methods To Ens

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Using Quality Methods to Ensure Consistency of Care. It needs to be at least 750 words.

Mostly, the health professionals in the emergency department of any health care are not in a position to diagnose the disease the patient is suffering from. In the case study, the paramedics respond fast enough and give prompt treatment after a quality assessment of the patient’s condition. The paramedics in this study demonstrate professionalism in that they treat the patient on site before admitting him to the hospital for further diagnosis. It is also evident that it takes a lot of time before the patient could receive relevant medical care due to lack of facilities at the local community hospital. Once again, the paramedics show commitment by frequently assessing the patient at every level of treatment (Dlugazc, 2006). Most surprisingly, the paramedics use radio to send messages to the tertiary center which demonstrates poor communication.

The recruitment of highly trained professionals requiring high remuneration is relevant for attaining quality performance evaluation. Additionally, organizations require relevant equipment and vehicles for ambulance services which require a huge sum of capital. The establishment of a better communication system such as the global positioning system in EMS requires allocation of hefty resources. The establishment of a quality management department is costly and the development of strategies to monitor improvement is important for achieving the defined goals (Dlugazc, 2006).

A well trained emergency team is relevant for the realization of improved health care services. As highlighted before, the paramedics in the case are well trained and discharge their duties diligently. Reliable and accurate data for performance evaluation will heavily rely on the skills from these professionals and therefore the need for skilled practitioners. The various systems developed to offer services to the patients should have the capacity to collect relevant data for measuring performance. Training should be offered to the staff on


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