Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Uncle Tom S Children Uncle T

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Uncle Tom’s Children/Uncle Tom’s Cabin Assignment. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

ies “Big Boy Leaves Home” and “Down by the Riverside,” Wright uses the technique of literary realism to illustrate just how terrible the treatment of black people by white people really was.

To realistically portray his characters, Wright replicated the vernacular that they would have spoke. For instance, when the character Big Boy from “Big Boy Leaves Home” is thinking to himself about what to do in his situation, it is presented to us in the way that he would actually speak it out loud: “Bobod bringa gun. he knowed he would. N together they could kill the whole mob. Then in the mawning the’d git together inter Will’s truck n go far erway, t Chicawgo” (46). The character Mann from “Down by the Riverside” speaks in a similar manner: “Ahll try t take tha boat back t the white folks aftah Ah git Lulu t tha hospital. But Ah sho wish yuh hadn’t stole tha boat, Bob. But we gotta use it now. Ah don like t rile them white folks” (69). These two examples illustrate that Wright used the same language to portray a characters thoughts that he did to illustrate actual speech. If these characters hadn’t used language in the way that they actually would have, then this would have stuck out to the reader, and this would have prevented the reader from fully buying into them as realistic characters. By portraying the characters’ speech in the way they would have actually spoken, Wright added a layer of realism to these characters and stories that served to further immerse the readers in the lives of these characters.

Another way that Wright uses realism to portray the condition of black people was to have them be fully aware of their position in respect to white people. When the characters come across a no trespassing sign, the character Buck matter of factly states that it “Means ain no dogs n niggers erllowed” (23), and none of the other characters think twice about it. This means that they all realize that white people consider


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