Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On This Will Be Part Of My It N

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on This will be part of my. It needs to be at least 3000 words.

Libya, before it attained its independence, was a colony of Italy. Italy colonised Libya until 1951. Libya was formed by the combination of three provinces, Fezzan, cryrenaica and Tripolitania during the times of colonisation. Due to this colonial background, Libya has several aspects that differ with other counterparts of the prominent world of Arabs to which it’s a member alongside 21 other nations. Apart from being colonised by Italy, Libya had been occupied by other powers as well. These were Greeks, Phoenicians, as well as Arabs.

The nation had, since independence, been ruled by a monarchical government. But this was to last until 1969 when a coup d’etat was successfully carried out and this saw 70 army officers seize the power from the then government. The overall leader was to be Colonel Muammar Qadhafi and their government was more of a group leadership. It also changed the course of Libya to an Arab Socialist state, which marked the end of capitalism and Marxism.

Qadhafi has from then onwards had a great influence on this function of HRM. His movement’s aim was especially at halting inefficiency and enhance national coordination of the political system. He urged his followers to do away with the traditional system of governance and take up a new one. This was to be “people’s committee” and its establishment became far and wide to organisations in Libya. The system of “people’s committees,” thus had a great impact on employee-management in Libya. It especially based its approach on direct democracy as put across in Qadhafi’s book ‘The Green Book’ of 1976.

The book subsequently saw the introduction of an all-people’s participatory structure of “people’s congress” and later on to a new element of “revolutionary committees”. Capitalism was thus in total ban in Libya and it was followed by a new dawn of employees’ self-management via committees


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