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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Theories in Communications within Senior Care Settings Case Study Overview: The Oaks (Adult) Care Center. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

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The manager of the setting has asked research be completed using a variety of appropriate sources to provide a comprehensive analysis showing how two theories could provide care workers with guidance about the effect of communication on the service users and care workers. Information will be included about the effects of appropriate and inappropriate communication.

Two communication theories can provide alternatives for care workers regarding the effects of communications between care center service users and the care workers. The communications theories are the functional approach and the meaning-centered approach as presented by Shockley-Zalabek (2002). The functional approach is a more linear perspective and follows messages through the process of communications being passed from one source or person to another. Communication is established. it defines the relationship. assists in setting the relationship goals. and is then the process whereby the activities are carried out. The functional approach is a repetitive pattern that becomes routine. The center is a complex web of various communications, which makes the functional perspective appealing for many care givers and service users. Without the structure of a schedule of activities, a newsletter, and an activity leader directing a member as to what may be next on the agenda. some clients may sit and do absolutely nothing. On the other hand, some of the more physically and mentally independent clients may resent too much structure. To allow for clients with a variety of health, mental capacities, and interests, research shows more than one communication theory can be the foundation for effective communication methods. An alternative communication theory is the meaning-centered approach. Using a meaning-centered approach means that there is a focus in communication and decision-making on utilizing influence, identity, identification, and socialization. The care giver seeks to understand the service users’ unique perspective prior to proceeding with the communication to ensure accurate and complete transfer of the message (PHAC, 2009. Shockley-Zalabak, 2002). Influence is utilized to consider who or what may impact the clients’ perspective. Identity is considered which includes beliefs, values, personal attitude, and preferences, how the client may make decisions, and what makes that client uniquely that person. Identification is considering how the client identifies him or herself. For example, there may be a particular senior who is a veteran form World War II and that is a source of pride for that person. This is how that person identifies himself. That person may have received a purple heart. If the care giver can prompt the client to talk about their service and that award, the client will be creating a relationship and be socialized into the care center appropriately (PHAC, 2009. Shockley-Zabalak, 2002). That clients’ life’s successes are recognized. And finally, using a meaning-centered communications approach is actively engaging the clients to help them learn behaviors that coincide with accepted norms and values of the care center. In this case those clients joining the care center engage in dialogue appropriately (if able), speak using an appropriate level of volume, join in the activities that are provided (if able), ask other individuals about themselves and their interests. Share information about themselves with others. Encourage others to be sociable as well.


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