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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Role and Life of a Mental Health Counselor. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

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The interview findings reveal that mental health counsellors work in the broad domain of social service. A routine day for Eeds does not just involve meeting clients and conducting counselling sessions, it also involves dealing with paper work, insurance related issues, billing and constantly educating and updating oneself on new techniques and theories. As she is in private practice, Eeds does not deal with Medicaid or court cases. However, on some occasions, she deals with subpoenas. In addition, she ensures the confidentiality of the clients by adhering to the ACA code of ethics. Her practice is influenced by different psychological theories such as Cognitive Behavioural therapy, development theory of Erick Ericson, energy psychology, emotional freedom technique and eye movement desensitization reprocessing solution therapy. If the client is open to it, she also uses spirituality in her therapy. Eeds finds the understanding of multiculturalism important because it gives a perspective to each case and hence, the clients feel comfortable. Eeds was trained as a marriage and family counsellor, but with experience she found that she was much more connected to the clients who had issues of depression, trauma and anxiety. Eeds is of the opinion that therapy is also important along with psychotropic medication. Therefore, she ensures that she has tried her best so that the client’s needs only minimal possible medication. Though Eeds never had to deal with situations such as natural disasters or crisis, she regularly encounters clients who face PTSD crisis. It is necessary that the clients get timely support, else the condition can worsen. To help such clients, she has provided them with emergency contact numbers where support is always available on the phone. In addition, she also keeps a flexible schedule to handle such crisis situations. As Eeds is in private practice, she is responsible for her own accountability. She shares her office with another therapist, which is a good way of making sure that both the therapists watch out for each other’s accountability. Additionally, she also gets in touch with other therapists just to make sure that there are no repercussions on her own emotional or mental health because of constant interaction with the clients who are in crisis situation. Another aspect of her role is to determine when to seek consultation or supervision. For example, during her training, she encountered a client who was not getting any better after three months of therapy. In this scenario, she approached her supervisor who recommended that some clients would require years of therapy before they got better. Eeds is a strong advocate of Energy psychology. She also supports MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization for Counter Sexual Assault) that supports women who have been sexually assaulted by providing them emotional and mental support, helping during court cases and conducting therapy sessions for the victim. According to Eeds, being a counsellor has resulted in both personal and professional growth. She practices the Emotional Freedom Techniques to improve her self-esteem and confidence.


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