Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On The Needs Of Native American

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Needs of Native Americans in Modern Day America. It needs to be at least 500 words.

The present day American society banks largely on these Native Americans. It is because of these Native Americans that the basic culture and societal values of America are alive today. The trends and needs of these Native Americans are such that they require state of the art healthcare and educational needs, and they also want to remain in line with the attainment of the normal, day to day necessities, all of which are significant towards the domains of the Native Americans (Young, 1994). These needs keep on changing with the passage of time, however what is important is the fact that the modern day America learns a thing or two out of this composition of Native Americans within its folds. It is about time that these Native Americans are given their rights so that America as a whole could benefit from the very same undertakings.

The problems that these Native Americans face are of a magnanimous nature. They comprehend that these problems are not entirely of their own making and hence they deserve much better at the hands of the authorities who enact policies and draft resolutions that are taken up within the supreme houses of the government nonetheless. The courts of law and other quintessential bodies within the state also need to pull up their socks and do their best at bringing a sense of solace and comfort for the sake of these Native Americans. The solutions to these problems could be understood when the state is serious in giving these Native Americans their due. It would mean that the government is now ready to draft policies which will look after the needs of these people as well as make the institutions powerful, all of which essentially look after the well-being of the general public and not just the Native Americans alone.

It would be appropriate to state the both national and local level policies must be changed for the better. This could mean more growth and development to occur within the relevant ranks. It


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