Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On The Global Pharmaceutical In

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Global Pharmaceutical Industry. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

The pharmaceutical companies have come under pressure due to the cost-cutting measures being applied in the seven major markets (Bionaturis, 2008). Apart from the credit crunch, novel products have entered the market contributing to the declining return on investment in the pharmaceutical sector.&nbsp. Pharma companies thus have to come out with innovative products but this ability is determined by the external environment. Streamlining research and development and making strategic pipeline decisions has become vital to survival. It has become vital for pharma companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and secure their financial future (Bionaturis, 2008).

Health care costs and the quality of patient care are the two primary concerns in the industry today. Physicians try to substitute branded versions with the generic alternatives and thus bring about significant cost savings with minimum therapeutic impact (Gonzalez, Sismeiro, Dutta & Stern, 2008). Introduction of generics could present an opportunity for managers of competing brands that are still under patent protection. Managers could base their resource allocation decisions on the outcome of the generic entry and the incumbent responses. Physicians’ characteristics and prescribing decision impact the sale of generic versions, research suggests.

The industry is in the declining stage and attrition rate is high. This is the cause of failure of all research and development activities. Firms cannot afford to eliminate investment, generate cash and divest in this stage (Harrigan & Porter, n.d.).&nbsp. Most organizations concentrate on brand building only when they are prospering but do not bother about it when the sales and profits are threatened (Tregert & Westerlund, 2003).

A firm in any industry must be able to exploit information horizontally and vertically. The drivers have to be identified and the needs recognized. Strategic priorities have to be identified and constraints evaluated. Technology has to be integrated into the business process while retaining intellectual property rights. Innovation and research are supporting factors in the pharma industry.&nbsp.


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