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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The definition of a word that means something to you. It needs to be at least 750 words.

Globalization is a common term used in describing things taking place as a result of current technological advancement especially things that have enhanced integration of different countries. Many intellectual imaginations have been gripped by the concept of globalization and most people commonly pursue a perception that globalization is an analytical prerequisite used in appreciating continuousness and adjustment of contemporary society.

Globalization has gained popularity in different fields including political and academic spectrum because of its relevance to the growing trend, which has heightened the current propagation of the global discussion. This further signifies the impact of the contemporary social relation and the fact that there is a common and new character shared within the society because of the relevancy and the context of the term to the society. Many fields have incorporated the word globalization in their studies and event tried to relate numerous phenomenon with it. There are many different concepts and meanings of globalization as per different scholars, laymen and in political spectrum that sound almost similar.

Some people define globalization as westernization implying a concept of transformation of the social structure of modernity to all humanity while extinguishing preexistent culture as well as self-rule. It is presumed that globalization is colonization and Americanization thus positioning it as a hegemonic discourse by some critics that it is just a philosophy of hypothetical advancement concealing far reaching. Proponents of globalizations westernization argue that globalization has led to transformations such as rationalist knowledge, capitalist production, as well as technological advancements as modernity while early global consciousness prompted the onset of modernity.

Indeed, contemporary globalization has played an integral role in the modern and western social relations in


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