Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Teaching Resource Package It

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Teaching resource package. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

&nbsp.It is the learner who interacts with objects and events and thereby gains an understanding of the features held by such objects or events. &nbsp.The learner, therefore, constructs his/her own conceptualisations and solutions to problems. &nbsp.Learner autonomy and initiative is accepted and encouraged.” (Van Ryneveld, n.d., n.p.).

The Teacher Resource packages presented are only a few examples of constructivist learning at work. The students direct their own learning and call on their creative and critical thinking skills to come up with dynamic ideas that invite more learning. Students are no longer seen as passive recipients of learning with teachers as dispensers of knowledge.

Under Outcome 5.11 which says. “A student analyses the impact of human resource use on the biosphere to evaluate methods of conserving, protecting and maintaining Earth’s resources”, the teaching package proposed is on disseminating essential information on saving endangered environments. Specifically, it will attempt to meet 5.11.2 (C), which states that students will be discussing “strategies used to balance human activities and needs in ecosystems with conserving, protecting and maintaining the quality and sustainability of the environment.”

For this resource package, students will be doing research on the degradation of the environment in some settings that are mainly caused by human factors. It endangers the lives of plants and animals which have taken up residence there. It will investigate what humans have been doing to contribute to environmental destruction as well as what can be done to protect wildlife and prevent their deaths and possible extinction. This package aims to impart to students care and concern for the environment and hopefully develop an advocacy in protecting it from negative elements such as illegal logging or illegal planting of crops. Students will be exposed to


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