Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Summarise The Article Moving

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Summarise the article Moving Beyond Transition: Ten Findings and Recommendations on the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice. It needs to be at least 750 words.

The challenges faced by the correctional staff are looked over and made sure that the policies are well implemented for the public safety assurance.

Considering the visits, JHA also issues a report in black and white form, based on these matters. The lawyers, legislators, wardens, reformers, and Governor office members then consider the reports. The report helps in analyzing the cost-effective criminal justice reform.

Prisoners under age 21 are considered as young and those who turn 21 are not included in youth anymore. Upon turning 21, prisoners are no more eligible for state and federal assistance that is specifically for mentally ill individuals. Many times there are some issues that causes delay in the release of the prisoners. There is a bigger chance of young prisoners getting frustrated by the delay in their release.

There are ten recommendations given in the report by JHA, which is essential in describing that the young prisoners have different needs and requirements, they need different treatments than the adult prisoners. This will contribute in establishing a Juvenile justice system where the youth can be individualized and provided with services that prepare them to safely return to their home. The reformation of Juvenile justice system is aimed to be associated with the latest developments in law, psychology and science.

Going through all the ten recommendations, I strongly agree with the three of them that can play a vital role in reforming Juvenile Justice Facilities in Illinois. The three recommendations that I support are,

1. According to the fourth recommendation, it is important to review the current or latest policies and practices before making new ones. Some of the policies might be working well for IDJJ and they should be carried on and improved. Some policies might need changes and also ensuring is necessary that whether they are being implemented in the right


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