Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Successful Mariage It Needs

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Successful mariage. It needs to be at least 2500 words.

We may not say long sentences to one another and may only say short responses to questions when we talk, but that does not mean that what we are doing does not show love. Someone can say all kinds of beautiful thing to another person but in the end what matters most is what they do and how they behave.

My parents had special ways in which to communicate. Some of my mother’s words were very harsh to my father and she sometimes criticized him. If other people heard her they thought it was meant to be cruel. When I got older I realized and knew that he knew that she said critical things to him because she was showing him that she cared. If she had not cared, she would not have said anything. He was always amused by what she said and never angry with her because he knew that when she said things that were critical, she was saying over and over that she loved him.

Many people show disrespect by speaking about their partners. Communication is not only about what is said or done between two people. Communication happens to a partner when it is spoken to another person outside of the marriage as well. When a person speaks poorly about their partner to their friends, treats their spouse poorly in front of others, or dismisses them as if they are not intelligent or important, they disrespect their spouse and communicate to them that they are not valued. Too often people will complain about their spouse to others, but this is part of how people communicate their love or lack of love. Speaking or acting badly about their spouse in public places them to the side and they do not feel near as important.

Communications is very important because without giving each other signs and symbols of a partnership, then the marriage becomes two people who are isolated. This is a very important point for my marriage. My husband and I came from Iran so without good communications between us, life in this country would have been difficult. I have made sure that we have always been


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