Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Soul Mountains By Mabel Lee

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Soul Mountains by Mabel Lee. It needs to be at least 750 words.

Women for a long time have been undermined. Their role in the society has always been in the kitchen and giving birth. The role of the woman has been expounded in the books, “Red Sorghum” and “Rice.” In Rice for instance, the employer of Five Dragons is a lady called Feng, who runs Great Swan Rice Emporium. Here, we are made to understand that women can also head men and can make good managers. Women can also be inhuman and whores. In Rice, Five Dragon and his wife vengefully crippled their son. We hear this from Dragon’s daughter in-law and that Dragon’s sister was a whore (Tong 14).&nbsp. The short story is therefore a typical showcase of the grim struggle faced by Chinese women for a long period of time now. When we turn to the story, “the Red Sorghum,” women are portrayed as more caring, and they happen to be so. This is during the burial of Big Tooth Yu, where the Grandma prepared a set of white grieving clothes for the narrator’s Father. Women here are also depicted as submissive to their families. We see Grandma and Wang Wenyi’s wife carrying two buckets of bean soup through the sorghum fields preferably taking them to the guerrilla fighters who happened to be their children and husbands. This was the war against the Japanese. In addition, the women in Red Sorghum are enduring. Grandma endures all the pain of the bullets that tore through her. Even after the narrator’s father’s efforts to reach and help her, she had already persevered the whole pain and constantly reminds her son that they should not go back.


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