Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Socioeconomic Status And The

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Socioeconomic Status And The Outcomes Of Aortic Dissection Surgery. It needs to be at least 3000 words.

A number of reasons necessitated the study including the alarming documented statistics with respect to the frequency with which type A aortic disease dissection has shot up at alarming rates. Such statistics clearly presents strong grounds for every healthcare provider to divert their attention to projects and actions solely aiming at designing proactive and counteractive strategies to immediately weed out this catastrophic disorder (Clark, DesMeules, Luo, Duncan & WIelgosz, 2009).

Mortality and morbidity rates have shot at shocking rates thereby killing many energetic and skilled persons (Chiappini, Schepens, Tan, Dell’Amore, Morshuis, Dossche, &…DiBartolomeo, 2005). Besides, huge funds are being drawn in an attempt to diagnosis, dissect as well as to treat the ailments. This fund could have otherwise been diverted to promising income generating activities and hence GDP multipliers culminating into increased and better standards of living accompanied by fast-growing economic growth rates.

The study was conducted as a descriptive correlational research design. This is a type of quantitative research design that seeks to establish the relationship between given number of variables (quote). The descriptive correlational design can be found to be directly connected to the research question as the research questions seek to draw a relationship between socioeconomic statuses of patients their chances with type A aortic dissection surgery. The methodological study design will focus on the reciprocal linkages between socioeconomic status and the outcomes of aortic dissecting surgery. The outcome of the aortic dissection surgery, in this case, forms our dependent variable and the socioeconomic status of patients, the independent variable.


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