Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Screening The Business Idea

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Screening the Business Idea and Business Model. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

The most fascinating feature of this restaurant service is that unlike any other hamburger restaurant, the Redneck’s Gourmet will cook burgers right in front of the customer. In addition, customers are encouraged to order their burger and demand whatever they want mixed in the meat. The well decorated surroundings, a full bar, and a stage for live music will be some other notable attractions of this restaurant. There will be uniqueness even in staff dress code. Even though it is mandatory for the staff to wear uniforms, they are permitted to personalize the uniforms to an extent. In short, all the settings and facilities of this restaurant service will be based on redneck lifestyle and values.

Today there are not many places to sit down and eat a hamburger other than fast food facilities. Although many other restaurants have burgers on their menu, it is not the major focus of their menu. Most restaurants offer burgers only as a substitute product if their primary meals are not much demanded by customers. By giving primary emphasis to burgers, Redneck’s Gourmet will have a clear edge over fast food places and other similar facilities. Unlike a fast food restaurant, the Redneck’s Gourmet can promise customers great atmosphere to sit down and enjoy their meals. In addition, as Dupas (2011) points out, today’s people are increasingly concerned about their health and the dreadful repercussions of consuming foods prepared in dirty kitchens and surroundings. Hence, many people are reluctant to visit restaurants. In this context, Redneck’s Gourmet burgers can better serve the needs of health-conscious customers because burgers are prepared right in front of the customer in this restaurant. Thus, no customer needs to worry whether or not his/her burger was cooked in a clean kitchen as he/she can witness the entire cooking process from start to finish.


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