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This antibody has proved essential in management of the virus development in succeptible children. To date, Ribavirin stands as the only accredited drug against the circus. Nevertheless, the applicability of this sophisticated drug has been subject to cost and toxicity constrains thus limiting its use.

As a consequence, there remains an urgent need for research ventures aimed at developing more effective anti-RSV treatments. To fuse with the host cell, the virus uses glycoprotein F. therefore, this knowledge could be used in drug targeting to develop anti-protein F medications.

Through research ventures, the first strain of the virus was harvested from the chimps respiratory channel, and has since been widely associated with infants and newly born babies. Notably though, the virus lacks age specificity with its incedences being noted among adult humans. Currently, it is estimated that the disease causes approximately 34 million infections of the lower respiratory tract among children. Out of these, an approximate 10% often require hospitalization to recover. Sadly, up to 7% of the hospitalised children end up losing their battle against the virus, with fatality rates in developed states accounting for just 1% of the total.

While world health systems are continuously laying foundations in attempts to develop an ideal vaccine and medication against the infection, this has faced many hurdles. In the end, the world remains stuck with Palivizumab as the only humanized antibody compliant to the guidelines of the Food and Drugs Authority. This artificially articulated MAb targets the virus by identifying its antigenic F-protein and mounting immunological response against the virus. On the other hand, the virus can be managed through transcription arrest in this RNA-virus, an approach that has been exploited in the designing of Ribavirin. However, such RNA targeting drugs are highly costly to produce,, while others


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