Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Research Design Exercise On

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Research design exercise on Domestic burglary. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

In handling burglary situations, these facts need to be examined in relation to the facts of the context at hand (Tilley, 1993).

When applied to the case at hand, we can identify the increase in assets in the buildings motivates offenders. The increase in student occupancy increases the vulnerable target group drastically. And also, the ease of burglars slipping through the back of the houses makes the student households vulnerable targets.

In attempt to deal with these burgaries, Mayhew et al (1976) recommend that there is the need to reduce access and increase risk detection. This therefore forms the framework for the prevention of these student burglaries.

In operationalising the research, there is the need to formulate hypotheses. A hypothesis is a tentative statement that is tested for its truthfulness or falsity (Kothari, 2005). So for the ease of doing this research, the objectives will be translated to the following hypotheses:

The research will therefore seek to accept or refute these hypotheses. This will form the basis for a choice of either the fixing of gates in the alleyways to impede the escape of burglars and their detection or run a campaign to enable the residents to identify signs of theft and take necessary actions through better security systems like alarms and more secure windows.

This will be complemented by data on the total number of residents. This will aid in comparison. Also, the frequency of burglaries must be known. This should show the general picture and also the frequency amongst student households.

This data on the numbers of people living in each housing unit can be collected from the housing authorities in the area. Data on burglaries and their frequencies can be attained from the police archives.

The next set of data to be collected should be the number of assets each household possesses. This will be complemented


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