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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Research continued. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

It is imperative to note that when nurses take too long in one patient’s room, they lag behind in their work, yet they are charged with the responsibility of providing surveillance to prevent errors and ensure quality care. Patient safety is enhanced when effective hourly rounding is implemented (Deitrick, Baker, Paxton, Flores, & Swavely, 2012). Therefore, an appropriate outcome measure ought to be developed, which evaluates the extent to which the project objective is achieved.

An outcome that is used to evaluate achievement of the project’s objectives involves patients and nurses. The nurses are required to provide health care to the patients in their wards or rooms, through hourly rounds. During these hourly rounds, nurses are supposed patient needs are expected to offer proactive care, addressing patient needs before patients ask for assistance. This can reduce patient falls and increase patient satisfaction. On the other hand, nurse satisfaction can be enhanced. Therefore, the outcome measure addresses patient satisfaction, nurse satisfaction and barriers, which nurses face, as they seek to achieve the objectives of the solution.

The outcome measure register/log consists of five major rows and nine minor rows. In the major rows, outcomes such as patient falls, call lights, response to call lights, patient satisfaction and nurse satisfaction, as well as barriers to achieving hourly rounds’ objective are assessed. Response to call lights, patient satisfaction and nurse satisfaction outcomes are categorised into subdivisions of highly efficient to inefficient and high to low (See Appendix).

In each column, each column represents a day, and the last column is meant for overall remarks. The nurses are supposed to fill all the sections of the outcome measure except the patient satisfaction part, which should be filled by patients. A weekly meeting,


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