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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Principal Candidate. It needs to be at least 750 words.

With the support of my peers and co-workers, together we designed and developed strategies to make the school a better place for learning.

My specific roles as Assistant Principal of the seventh graders include, among others, the homogenization of the practice by utilizing the Workshop Model for delivery of instruction. Other objectives are: to utilize Principles of Learning as foci for informal and formal observations. to increase students’ achievement to meet State standards, thereby increasing their morale and work satisfaction. to build capacity and morale and increase teachers’ retention rate. and to bring order in the 3rd floor hallways and classrooms where the seventh grade academy was housed.

Together with my co-workers, I undertook several strategies to improve the educational standards of the school. First and foremost among these is the development of a shared decision-making process which led to an increase in the accountability of each person in the school. I led the group in collaboratively examining assessment of data and used it to create leveled groups in each class across the ELA/Math and Science classes. To encourage students to participate more actively in school activities, a seventh-grade student council was created. Alongside with this strategy, peer-tutoring and peer-mediation conferences were implemented to deal with student fights. I encouraged parent’s involvement through mini-parents council per classroom rather than across the entire academy. Forums for student-teacher mediation were formed to address the problem of the lack of students’ voice. With regards to academic improvement, the Workshop Model was instituted across every classroom and the elements of the Principles of Learning were utilized to keep formal and informal observations homogenized in every classroom and content area.&nbsp.


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