Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Presentation For The Book It

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Presentation for the book. It needs to be at least 750 words.

It reveals her true identity and the history of her family at work. Often, people might seem faceless in the society and because of that tend to deny their true self. Denial happens for some time but with courage and determination, they eventually come to accept themselves for who they are. Nancy was no exemption from this as she never believed in herself sometimes in her life, but when she finally recognized herself and what she is capable of she did believe whom she was.

The author takes as through her life with grandmother and there are a couple of letters exchanged between her and her grandmother. In the letters,It is evident that the attachment between the 87 year old grandmother and her granddaughter. The grandmother is worried about her grandchild’s life. The old feller is running out of time but with her persistence in writing she passes on her message to her loved one. It shows the conflicts between the modern society and the traditional society that was lived by her grandmother.

The grandmother’s request to see her granddaughter before she met her death but her wish was never accomplished. She felt that her daughter had lived in a foreign land for long and it was high time that she went back home. Nancy, on the other hand, feels that there is no need to go home as even her grandmother had gone into exile and was yet to feel free to go back home.

Nancy is disturbed by the genocide acts back in her land and she tries to seek understanding of the reason behind it. She seeks further, ways through which she can be accepted back to her people and have her gender treated in the same way as the opposite one. She wants her existence felt as is revealed in the chapter: “Two headed bird,” where the writer gives her meaning of the book. The book’s title originates from Armenian language and has homosexuality vices in it. Quote can explain this: “The truth was Grammy had managed to do both with me – be herself and love me


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