Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Organizational Issues And Tr

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Organizational Issues and Trends Paper. It needs to be at least 1750 words.

d of course in order to be able to predict tendencies the managerial staff has to be on top of the topic in the present to know how are these areas affect the business in the present and how they have influenced in the past to learn from the victories and the mistakes. Three topics or issues of great importance which are studied in this essay are global ethics, stress in the workplace and organization politics. The paper analyses these three issues from a current perspective as well as looking at the tendencies in these issues a decade from now.

Stress is a mental and emotional condition that affects the behavior of humans in all facets of life. It is a condition that is not healthy and organization must recognize its existence and ensure preventive measures are in place to minimize its occurrence. If stress is identified among a group or individual worker the company must also have a way to litigate with the problem on a personal and confidential matter to ensure the employee or employee get the help needed to deal with the problem. Since stress is a human condition spark by a variety of factors in a person’s personal and work life it will always be present among some members of the staff. A company first of all has to take measure to ensure the work conditions of the company do not contribute to a stressful work environment as well as having protocol measures in place to identify employees suffering from this medical condition to provide them with the counseling the person needs to help them deal with the situation.

Stress in the workplace is an undesirable condition because it leads to lower productivity, a higher incidents of human error, unnecessary tension, a lack of group synergy and other negative factors for an enterprise. The factors or categories that lead to stress in the workplace include bad economic trends in an organization, interpersonal relationships, organizational culture, lack of promotional opportunities for qualified candidates and other


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