Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On New Technology Of Management

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on New Technology of Management. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Various parts of the system are obsolete or redundant. The process at Double B Builders, for instance, entails double functions of creating information in Excel before keying the same in Microsoft Word.

The management at Double B Builders recognizes the need for a new system based on ineffectiveness of the current system. Manual preparation of reports within the company remains in tandem with external demands.

Organizations have to automate the entire process of managing expenses as well as accounting(Mackey &Sisodia, 2013).It is common for companies and other institutions to get significant inefficiencies because of increased costs of processing information.

The high cost also includes efforts aimed at the gathering. recording, coordinating and disseminating information often undertake manually (Simmons, 2012). Therefore, top-level executives at Double B Builders placed enhancing housing processes as a top strategic priority with the aim of enhancing efficiency.

The new system uses various elements of modern Information and communication technology. The process entails using web-based applications, submission, approving, and reporting of information. With the help of the new software system, Builders B moves away from paper-based solutions to electronic channels.

Applications in the new software system addresses company questions in many areas including utilization, billing, compliance the company policy on entertainment and travel, client profitability, as well as aspects of rebilling expenses.

The new software system increases efficiency at Builders B in many ways. The system centralizes the management of times of reporting by employees and other workers in addition to entertainment and travel expenses.

The systems will improve safekeeping of policies for Builders B. The new system also helps in close monitoring to improve compliance (Simmons, 2012).


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