Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Mexico4 It Needs To Be At Le

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Mexico4. It needs to be at least 250 words.

The target groups of rape cases are mainly young women and girls who form the economic underclass of society and work in factories that pay low wages. Sexual murders and unexplained disappearance of women and young girls rank highest in Mexico vis a vis other North American countries according to Statistics by Human Rights Organizations and lobby groups. Chihuahua, Chiapas and San Salvador are places most affected by these cases.

Efforts to salvage the rights of women in Mexico have had a plunge occasioned by repugnant tendencies of authorities and employers who actively and openly discriminate against women. They have adversely been mistreated as menial job workers at the Maquiladora Industrial plants. where jobs are terminated in case of pregnancy. Mexicans are considered to be reasonably religious, a situation that has contributed to several States pronouncing abortion as illegal (Wickam-Crowly & Eckstein, 2003). To this end, the jury is still out on whether this enacted law is a violation of the rights of women.

Public outcries and sustained protests by Women rights activists led the Government to create the National Commission for Equality between Men and Women, CNDH, to look into social, legal and economic issues that were unfair to women. It also has programs that seek to empower women through teaching them their legal rights and training on ways to achieve sustainable livelihoods. Reproductive healthcare remains an issue of debate as most anti-abortionists see it as the platform used to legalize abortion (Wickam-Crowly & Eckstein,


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