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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Marketing Communications Proposal. It needs to be at least 500 words.

From business context, the organization seeks to create new job opportunities in order to increase its workforce. At the same time, the existing employees will be motivated by offering them bonuses and job security. The plan revolves around increasing and expanding the regional network and increasing additional employees, which would allow the organization to build relations with the regional businesses. The banking industry is fiercely competitive ( Bettelley, 105, 2006). However, Alliance and Leicester offers new job opportunities, job security and bonuses as compared to its competitors.

In the year 2006, Alliance and Leicester has introduced the “the first UK high street bank to offer user-to-site, site-to-user authentication for all of its online customers” (A&L Targets Small Businesses, p. 5, 2009). At the same time, “The solution, provided by Alliance and Leicester allows customers to log in to their online accounts in a simple and secure way” (A&L Targets Small Businesses, p. 7, 2009). Keeping these two points in mind, marketing experts and professionals have been hired in order to increase more than half million users in the next six months.

The stakeholders of Alliance and Leicester include local networks, international networks, regular clients, etc. the present employees of Alliance and Leicester represent the entire organization and therefore it is essential to create awareness of its online banking services among its customers. The organization wishes to implement “risk based, behind the scenes authentication” (Bennett, 106, 2003) in order to ensure that the user becomes familiar with the entire process, when using his or her online banking account. At the same time, Alliance and Leicester is the first bank, which would assist the customers to identify it, when they use its online banking services (Cope, p. 22, 2006). The employees will ensure that the


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