Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Literature Review On Perform

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Literature review on performance management. It needs to be at least 500 words.

t part summarizes the performance management process, the second part discusses the reasons for failure of performance management systems and the last part relates these reasons for failure to my organization.

Here the organization must clarify the mission, goals, priorities and expectations to be achieved. Effective goals and objectives should be. clearly define end results to be accomplished, should have a direct link to organization success factors, set in not more than three areas as attempting to achieve too many different goals at once impede success and should be difficult but achievable so as to motivate performance (Pulakos, 2004).

Performance management planning is a tool of communication for ensuring mutual understanding of work responsibilities, priorities and performance expectations (Indiana University, 2005). The planner must review with the employees, both the expected results and the expected outputs during the performance management cycle. These behavioral and results expectation must be tied to the organization’s strategic goals and objectives (Pulakos, 2004).

After the managers have set objectives and standards and communicated to all the employees. Their next role is observing how the employees put the set guidelines into practice and providing feedback. The managers should reinforce strong performance by an employee, identify, and encourage improvement where it is needed. Coaching is one method that the managers can use in improving employees’ productivity. University of California (n.d) explains, “Coaching sessions provide you and the employee the opportunity to discuss progress towards meeting mutually-established standards and goals” (para 4). According to the University, coaching is important because. it strengthens communication between the manager and the employee, it helps the employees to attain performance objectives, it improves employee motivation and commitment, it maintains and increases the employees’ self-esteem


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