Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On Is The Media Leading Non Smo

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Is the Media Leading Non-smokers to Smoke in The United States. It needs to be at least 750 words.

Scientific studies have proved beyond doubt that smoking causes a lot of health problems like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, high BP, lung diseases, Osteoarthritis etc. In women smoking during pregnancy can affect the growth of the fetus. Moreover, smoking can create a lot of social impacts as well as non-smokers never like the company of smokers. Media plays a vital role spreading smoking habit and hence I want to make the authorities aware of their futile efforts to prevent smoking by asking the ad people to include warning signals rather than completely prohibiting the tobacco products, through this research

The influence of movie stars is so high among the public, especially among teenagers and youths. People have a tendency to mimic whatever the film stars or celebrities do. These film stars often display smoking in a particular style which encourages even non-smokers to have a try because of the influence of celebrity culture among the public. The non-smoker who adopted smoking just for mimicking the celebrity unknowingly becomes a smoker because of the addiction tobacco can contribute to the smokers. “Smoking in movies is often associated with the characteristics that adolescents find appealing, such as toughness, sexiness and rebelliousness” (Hood Center, 2006) “There is mounting evidence suggesting that adolescents whose favorite actors or actresses smoke on screen are more inclined to take up smoking themselves” (Anti-smoking ads at the cinema only work for young non-smokers, 2007)

“This 1987 marketing document from the Philip Morris collection reveals an ad agency testing various themes about secondhand smoke on behalf of the Philip Morris Tobacco Company (PM). A major theme of the ads was that “the case isn’t proved” that secondhand tobacco smoke harms nonsmokers, ironically the same theme that the tobacco industry used for years to reassure smokers about primary smoking and keep them smoking”.


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