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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Is Large-Scale Biomass Combustion a sustainable Option for Energy Generation. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

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It also encompasses the dead remains of biological species that can be utilized further as a fuel or chemical product (Basu, 2010). In this similar concern, energy is fundamentally described as the ability or the capacity of an individual or a person to perform a particular task. It possesses a significant need in everyday life. For instance, energy is being used for various activities that include the execution of cars for moving one place to another and televisions for the purpose of entertainment among others. Moreover, energy is also used for producing electricity and heat for different purposes. It has been apparently observed that a large percentage of energy is obtained from the combustion of biomass (Need, 2012). In this paper, a critical discussion about the use of sustainable energy will be taken into concern. Moreover, the determination of large-scale business combustion as one of the sustainable options for energy generation will also be discussed in this paper. Large Scale Biomass Combustion as a Sustainable Option for Energy Biomass Combustion is principally described as the method of burning through which 90% of the world’s energy is released to supply heat and energy services like material processing that includes food preparation, electricity and transportation. It has been viewed as the process through which fuels are burnt with the help of oxygen (Overend, 2004). Biomass Combustion Biomass combustion is considered as the oldest type of combustion that largely exploited by human beings. It is also regarded as one of the most complicated forms of combustion system. This process of combustion entails the use of solid fuels in a multi-phase reaction system interacting with different mass fluxes. The prime understanding of the solid fuel combustion system reveals with reference to the fact that only fuel can burn and release heat. It has also been viewed that solids and liquids do not burn by themselves but consume heat in the process of drying which are required to be chemically transformed into fuel gas. There are several different materials that can be considered as biomass. These materials include solid wood, fats and proteins (Overend, 2004). The process of biomass combustion fundamentally takes place in 6 phases that comprise drying, coke combustion, volatile ignition as well as emission, volatile flame burning along with volatile flame extinction. It has been apparently observed that the process of biomass combustion initially takes place in the homogenous stage and later in the heterogeneous stage. The procedure of the biomass combustion can be better understood with the help of the following illustration. Fig.1: Process of Biomass Combustion Source: (NEST, n.d.) The deliverance of sustainable energy has been noted to be one of the critical issues in recent times linked with the procedure of biomass combustion. In this similar context, it can be stated that human beings might face a tough challenge in the upcoming years about accessing different energy sources. According to various researches, biomass combustion is regarded as an important source that might make a greater contribution towards the fulfilment of the demand for energy in future.


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