Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On In Light Of Recent Attacks O

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on In light of recent attacks on schools and college campuses, (and now military bases) people should/should not be allowed to carr. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

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This idea works effectively since there are definitive clauses in defining who can carry guns, as well as to how they should actually use it. In addition, civilian firearm owners comprise only less than 5% of the entire population which mostly reside in much more rural areas which entail the necessity of firearms, such as locations with the presence of hunting grounds for game (Bureau of Justice Statistics 10). With this information, it should not pose any problems with the carrying of firearms since more often than not those with permits to carry them live in sparsely-populated areas, in contrast with more densely-populated areas where firearm owners are mostly either in the military or in the police forces. Also, because of the tight laws surrounding the carrying of guns, it is expected that more and more criminals could actually act brashly since they expect that they will not be facing any form of resistance from anyone at any time, thus carrying guns would not only help deter forms of crime, but also keep both the individual and other people within the vicinity safe (Hitchens). Thus, regardless of how negative gun ownership seems for the public, firearm owners will continue to lobby that carrying their guns is their constitutional right, can actually be good for more people, and thus exercise it in accordance (Rostron 513). Individual citizens were given the rights to defend themselves using firearms, and while there has been an increase in gun ownership in recent years, there has also been a decrease in gun-related violence in the past decades that should quell the public’s fear of uncontrolled gun usage (Bureau of Justice Statistics 2), thus giving citizens much more sound reasons to take their firearms out in public. In addition, the problems tied with gun violence were mostly tied up with loose or unregistered firearms, discrediting the capability of legal firearm owners in handling their weapons in accordance to jurisdictions and applicable laws. Also, most responsible owners will actually carry their guns unconcealed in public, mainly to intimidate and not actually use it, and the fact that they allow people to see their guns mean that while they do mean to intimidate any wrong-doers from doing them harm (Hausman), they also have enough responsibility to not actually shoot just about anyone around them. The idea might sound absurd for some, but this is actually a much more safe approach than concealed guns, which are often overlooked and could actually slip past security measures. By showing the public that they have guns, and allowing people to see their unconcealed firearms without actually using them, these gun owners tell the public that they are responsible enough not to carry out any kind of shooting frenzy since they actually just show that they have weapons without actually meaning to them, as opposed to actually using their guns.


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