Hello I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Essay On How Did Freud S Views Of Men

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on How did Freud’s views of mental disorders and treatment revolutionize early 20th century views as presented in the short story. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

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The influence of social factors is also the issue that demands attention, while chartering the course of treatment for the affected individual. When an individual has a fairly good idea about one’s illness and is positive about the course of treatment to be followed but is pressurized to follow some other path, one suffers from distress and it generates another set of mental problems. Denied the opportunity to act as per one’s free will, the individual is agonized from all ends. Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic model Freud’s psychoanalytic model is the first to show how psychological processes can result in mental disorders. Socio-cultural factors can also lead to mental disorders. Since mental illness concerns mostly the inner world of an individual, it is difficult to fathom the accurate reasons for a psychoanalyst about the mental state of the patient. The line of treatment for two patients cannot be identical. The broad sociological reason for the plight of the patient in the story is the fact that the woman allows herself to be inferior to men, in particular her husband, John. He is the husband as well as the physician and as such he exercises added authority to treat his wife who is ill. For a writer, suppression of the freedom to write is the worst form of mental torture. But her doctor husband imposes several other restrictions on her. He advises her to stay in bed, quashes her imagination, and tells her to discontinue writing. But though she thinks writing is advantageous and helpful for her to strengthen the process of recovery, she does not argue and protests against the command of her husband. She relents and thinks “Personally, I believe that congenial work, with excitement and change, would do me good. But what is one to do” (Gilman, n. p.)? The latter part of her utterance indicates her lack of self-confidence and the inferiority complex that she has allowed to dominate her personality. There are many occasions when she beats the retreat as she listens patiently to the commands of her husband and says submissively “I meant to be such a help to John, such a real rest and comfort, and here I am a comparative burden already” (3). Her mental disorder is clearly showing. Freud’s views of mental disorders and treatment are clearly articulated in the storyline and the woman mentioned in the wallpaper is the example to the mental state of women in general and what they go through with doctors, facing the reality of their sickness. Her self-confidence gives in to the advice and persuasiveness of the medical practitioner and she considers that he has authority and therefore he is right. In the story, if there is one individual who wants to get better at the earliest it is the woman, and deep down, she has a fairly good idea of the remedial measures that she needs to take of her own, but she is not allowed to have her way, being contradicted by her husband, her brother and on account of her position of personal insecurity in the family. Just like a sinking individual holds on to the straw for survival, she tries to establish relationship with the yellow wall paper. The characteristics of the wall paper as perceived by the woman relate symbolically to her illness and its evolution. She connects the social environment of which she is the part, with her mental disorder.


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