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Get the step by step solution to this homework question now:Answer the following question in APA format using 200 or more words. Ensure to cite sources used in APA format.1. State A dumps its raw, unprocessed sewage into the sea and the result is that much of the marine life along its coastline and the coastline of neighboring states, State B and State C. All three states have recognized the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to resolve disputes between them involving breaches of international law. State B and C, accordingly, have brought suit in the ICJ against State A. They have asked the court to order State A to take immediate steps to stop dumping sewage in the sea and to pay for their expenses in cleaning up their coastlines. What should the court do? Why? Dear Stude…Attachment: 7047411.doc Would I be able to purchase the replay to the question above? I cannot use it the way it is but it would give me some ideas and a reference to start from?


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